attacking the highest one – Chimborazo 6.310 m

Definitely an ambitious target: climbing Chimborazo, especially due to the situation that still both refugees are closed. For our group it’s clear from the very beginning: only Oliver and Lukas are going to try the summit, Karin will enjoy the beauty of Chimborazo National Park, staying down.

4 days are scheduled: 2 days of additional acclimatization around the “Estrella of Chimborazo” or also known as “Chimborazo Lodge”, the famous lodge of the even more famous and renowned mountaineering legend Marco Cruz. AND 2 days for the summit, with a high camp at “El Castillo” in order to avoid an ascent of approximately 1.500 m, which is quite though in this altitude.

We stay of course at the Chimborazo Lodge and start all our acclimatization activities from there. On day one we go up to the Whymper Needles to approx. 5.400 m.

Chimborzao Lodge – approx. 3.900 m
Oliver sunbathing at Whymper Needles 🙂

This is also the highest point, we’ve up to now reached during the tour, so Chimborazo will be challenging. On day 2 the program is quite soft, in order to rest a bit before the attack. We walk up to Loma Chalata (4.230 m).

Loma Chalata – 4.230 m
acclimatization hike @ Chimborazo National Park
nice afternoon at El Castillo – 5.400 m

Prepared? Yes, we are! So on day 3 we start early as well, first going up by car to the parking lot near the refugio Carrel. Here we start the ascent, Oliver, Lukas, their 2 guides Jaime and Raul and a porter. Steadily going up, until reaching “El Castillo”, finally above the clouds, were we will spend the night. First: making up the tents and then something to eat and drink of course.

one of our homes above the clouds
one of our homes above the clouds

The night is cold. We get up around midnight for a quick breakfast and then we head for the summit. Oliver’s knee hurts badly, so he decides to stay at the camp. Lukas and Raul go for the summit – the advantage of a second guide … as you never know! Lukas and Juan reach the summit quite early, it’s freezing, so they come down quickly. In the meantime Oliver and Jaime already started the descent. Mission Chimborazo completed, now it’s time for relax … heading for Baños.

Chimborazo is in excellent conditions – also the Whymper summit is now possible. Want to give it a try? Come and climb with us.

… we share your passion and realize your dreams …

your andean summit adventure team



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